Flood Cleanup 12/7

Greetings from Sumas. Today, two team members arrived, we received so much generosity, we got a U-Haul box truck and we worked in two homes. It was a great day 🙂

Jacob and Grady arrived in Washington early this morning. John Hopkins has a connection with believers who live near by whom have been a huge help in getting the team moving. The way the Lord made that connection is kinda crazy. The Lord is definitely going out ahead of us. This couple has been very generous. They donated money, lent their car for a day, picked up the guys and paid for our U-Haul truck. They are also looking around for someone that might lend us a utility pickup truck while we are working out here.

After we got our U-Haul, we picked up our tools from the RV and drove 6 miles to Sumas, to link up with members of Creekside Calvary Chapel, the church we are partnering with during this deployment.

In the first house, we tore out flooring in the bathroom down to the subfloor.

In the second house, we crawled through the crawl spaces and removed the flexible ducting and insulation that had been water logged from the flood.

Jacob and Grady are hard workers so it made the day enjoyable.

We ended the day with hot bowls of soup so all seems well in the world.

We don’t know what our jobs will be tomorrow but we anticipate it will mostly be working in crawl spaces.

Prayers for rest and endurance for the team as we get settled into this work would be greatly appreciated, but most importantly that God would be magnified and people would be comforted in this time.

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