From the team leader

Hello from Sumas.

Another full, fulfilling day: we did a supply run, pumped out a water hole and did a full tear out and “install” with some other miscellaneous activities thrown in.

This morning, the guys made bacon and eggs and we read Psalm 72. The first activity of the day, was a visit to the hardware store for tools and plastic sheeting to install in the crawl space. We stopped for fuel and went to the first house on the list. This house is the first crawl space house we did but had to return today to pump out a 3 ft deep well of water. Next we drove about two blocks away to a house where we spent the rest of the day tearing out insulation, old plastic sheeting and metal duct work.

The guys crushed it. Some crawl spaces have a lot of room, others can be quite tight at times. This one was the latter. But no complaints from Jacob and Grady; it’s a lot of fun to work with them because they go hard and are intent on doing a good job.

My favorite part of the day was when I had to leave to look at some jobs with Tony(the pastor/crew leader), I didn’t think twice. I knew Jacob and Grady were on it. And they proved it 🙂

After the tear out, we installed plastic sheeting and sprayed anti-mold spray throughout the majority of the crawl space. The home owner and his wife are believers and expressed their thanks many times for us coming to help.

It’s crazy to go all the way across the country and feel a common bond with someone we’ve never met. The unity of Christ is beautiful.

That pretty much sums up the work for today. Prayer request for today would be for a local gentleman. We are planning to help clean out his basement tomorrow. The man and his wife have been through challenging times. Could you pray that God would use us to be a blessing/encouragement to him and that God would provide for him in with navigating all the flood insurance challenges?

While this update was written, hamburgers were sizzling in the pan, we debriefed about the day, noted lessons learned, laughed about the snake that scared Grady, ate red velvet cake from a home owner, read Psalm 136 and spent some time in prayer for Sumas. 

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