update from Base #2

Today, we went with a military chaplain to a military hospital. We took food and bibles along and spent some time ministering to the soldiers.
When we were done there, we went to do an evacuation in a city that is under heavy fighting. We were able to successfully enter the city; however, we ended up in a position where we were surrounded by fighting. The shelling and shooting was so intense that we couldn’t get to the area where the evacuees were hiding. Some helpful military guys in their armored vehicles offered to take us in after sundown, the safest time; but they mentioned that a lot of the houses on the street we needed to go had been leveled by bombing. We left the city for now, as we didn’t have proof of life from the people we needed to evacuate. We will be staying in touch with the military and are hoping and praying that the people are safe and not buried under the rubble. Hopefully, we can return and bring them to safety.
Continue praying for safety for our teams and for the people needing to be evacuated. Pray for the fighting to end, the trauma to be healed and for God’s light to shine brightly.

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