12/15 Food distribution

From the high levels of insecurity, protest, lack of fuel and high food prices: Food distributions come with many difficulties. Sometimes, we have to visit several different stores and markets to find what we need. In one case, we had to shop in multiple cities to find enough rice for the food distribution. The challenges in Haiti are very complex and difficult to navigate, but the hope that we’re able to give is well worth the effort.
Something we hear again and again is that the food comes and goes, but the hope that it brings stays, and it’s a reminder to these people that God has not forgotten them. From the remote island to the mountainsides of the mainland and densely populated cities and over-crowded prisons, the response is the same: “Thank you!”.
Every food distribution we do takes a lot of planning and strategy. Sometimes it looks impossible, but in the end, we’re always glad we did it!
The painful stories of hunger are almost too much to bear, but when we see the families walk away with food and know the hunger pains will stop, even if it’s just for a short time, it’s all well worth it.