Work in Ukraine

Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Things are at an interesting place for us here in Ukraine. The longer we are here, the more contacts and relationships we are establishing. These connections give us access to more work and opportunities.
Some days, it can be especially challenging to decide how to best use our resources and time. We usually opt for opportunities that will have maximum spiritual and physical impact. We are blessed with many opportunities to make significant impact in the lives of the people here.
We have a group of people working on the wood stove, another group delivering food to churches and Ukrainian organizations, and one person doing dispatch and coordination. We also have several people who manage the warehouse and the flow of product. That job includes scheduling and unloading trucks, loading vans and trucks, and making sure the right food goes to the right place.
Then we do distributions. Distributions are the favorite part for most of our team. It is a joy to go out, preach, and then distribute Bibles, food, and hygiene supplies. Many of these people live in a depressing environment of violence and explosions. We see many people impacted when we freely release the presence, peace, and joy of Jesus Christ.
Some of these places are dark places. What an opportunity to be the light! Thank you for partnering with us in this endeavor.

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