Volunteer Perspective

On Tuesday we took another trip to the liberated territory in the Kharkiv region.
Taking 300 food parcels in two vans, we went to some villages around Velikyi Burluk “Great Swamp”, just over 20km from the Russian border. It’s a 5+ hour drive from our base in Dnipro as some of the bridges are blown up, making travel slow with a couple bad detours.
There at each location, Chaplain Leonid would bring the Gospel to the gathered people and then we’d distribute the parcels, hygiene products, medicine & Bibles.
I noticed again how the atmosphere of freedom was in the air, and the people were so happy to see us, and thankful for the aid we brought.
These villages hardly get any aid at all if even any, as most organizations pass them by on their way to the bigger towns. Some told us food was not a desperate need, as they had potatoes, tomatoes, geese & goats, so could live on that. But medicine, hygiene products and, of course, the Gospel is lacking here. It was a blessing to be able to visit these dear people and spend a short amount of time with them.
Driving back home over the terrible roads full of potholes and craters, I again was amazed and thanked God that we have had so few issues with our vans, seeing the amount of miles we travel! He is so good to us, and getting to live life serving Him is so fulfilling.
– Written by one of our amazing volunteers on the ground.

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