Vermont Flood Response 8/04

[Barre Vermont Flooding]
The last few days in Vermont have been highly rewarding! We’ve put in long days of hard work, and we are usually tired but satisfied by the time we get back to the church house, which doubles as our base.
For many of the locals, this is not the first flood in the past few years and they seem to have adjusted to the reality. These are their homes and houses where their parents and grandparents lived and grew up and their children now live. Some of the houses in this city go back generations. One older lady said the hardest thing was losing her treasured heirlooms from her mom and grandmother.
Working here has given me an opportunity to see a glimpse into the lives and hearts of people who otherwise would never have opened their hearts in this way, and it gives us a direct access to bless them and their lives and love on them.
~ from a volunteer