Prayer Requests

When the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, we quickly deployed a team to Ukraine to find the needs and find solutions. Initially, the biggest need was evacuations, especially orphans with adoptions in progress. After the Kiev region was liberated, much of the evacuation was done for the time being. Our team grew and we have several Ukrainians on our team, who have been incredibly helpful by translating, organizing and connecting us with the local authorities. 

The needs have shifted from mostly evacuations to bridging the transportation gap between the supply and the communities that are hard to reach and desperately need food and supplies. We are working to transport products from the warehouses in western Ukraine to several PCCR warehouses in eastern Ukraine and then send small teams to distribute the food and products to churches, communities and shelters that need them. We are working closely with military chaplains, which allows us access into many areas that are otherwise closed.