Ukraine Update 8/02

The Kherson region has been devastated by the dam break and flood. At one of our distributions, we walked around to check on the damaged caused by the flood.
One place in particular was absolutely heart-wrenching. As the couple told their story, they broke down in tears, recounting the events that happened. When the dam was hit, they could hear the water rushing toward their home, and ran to grab their important documents, before escaping to higher ground. The water levels reached around 11 feet in some areas and completely obliterated buildings, livestock, and personal belongings. After the water went down, they came back to their home. It looked as though it had been turned upside down. Furniture was broken and strewn everywhere. Walls were broken and floors were non-existent in some places. Millions of dollars worth in tools, gardens, livestock, and feed for the livestock were swept away with the water. In its place, the water left a stinking sludge over everything it touched. I could feel the heaviness and heartache they were experiencing. Kind neighbors are providing them with a place to stay while they are rebuilding their home.