Ukraine Update 5/20

The full scale war has been going for 449 days now, and every day and night countless defenders stand guard for the peace and sovereignty of this nation, often at the cost of their own lives. These men once had normal lives and jobs like me and you. They once just went about on a normal day when it all tumbled suddenly to the ground. They were called to stand up and protect their families and homes and everything they love.. their Ukraine, and they heeded that call. The cost of freedom is indeed very high, we are reminded of that daily out here, and we remember those who lost their lives and pray and support those that lay down their lives for their loved
As a thank you and a way to bring the guys some joy and spiritual support, a pizza oven was purchased and alongside our chaplain, we spent time together with wounded soldiers in a hospital and made fresh pizzas for them on the spot! The warm aroma of pizzas cooking quickly filled the sad, sterile, life-and-death smell of hospital air. It brought many smiles to the faces of the soldiers that walked in. After feeding them with pizzas, fruit and cookies, Leonid spent some time speaking to them about Jesus, how He came and took away our sins on the cross, how we can receive forgiveness of sins. The gospel message of hope and salvation. He spent some time in prayer and also delegated time to speak with some of the men individually. Many were moved, they came out with a brighter, lighter demeanor than when we first saw them. They thanked us greatly for the support and prayers and asked us to please pray for them often, as they very much need it.
One casualty evacuation medic (evacuates wounded soldiers from zero line to stabilisation point) expressed her gratitude for us doing this, she told me this is so needed right now at all areas on the front, in all the hospitals, there are so many men that have gazed through the gates of hell and have stared death straight into the eyes, men that have seen things and experienced things that no human was ever designed to experience or see. They are souls that are in need of healing and there is only One who can heal. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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