Ukraine Update 10/18

Since the beginning of the project in Ukraine, we’ve been assessing the crisis to ensure that the resources go where they are needed and don’t cause a secondary economic crisis by making the communities dependent on aid.
In late August and September, it became clear that we need to change our operations. The front lines are becoming more defined and aren’t moving much, which means that there are fewer civilians in those areas. They eventually evacuate, or end up as casualties from the constant bombing. The places that are more easily accessible are stabilized and have a steady stream of aid, or are not depending on incoming aid anymore.
Taking all of this into consideration, we’re pausing the work in Ukraine for the winter. We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely and be ready to engage if the need arises. Meanwhile, the remaining work is being continued by our trusted military chaplain Leonid and our local coordinator Bogdan. We will continue to provide resources for him to carry it out and when spring arrives, re-assess the situation to make the best decision moving forward.
Thank for you for your support to the Ukrainian civilians caught in middle of the war. We ask for your prayers as we monitor the situation and consider how funding is spent in the future.

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