Team Update

Today we sent a team with a military chaplain to minister at a military hospital; then they dropped off some food at a church close to the front lines.
We also signed a rental lease on a warehouse. This warehouse comes with pallet jacks and a forklift. We already have another shared warehouse that was given for us to use at no cost, and we are still looking for one or two more warehouses.
We are moving semi loads of food and hygiene products into the warehouses; and from there we are moving the product out to the refugee shelters, churches, and villages on the front lines.
The food needs are still increasing and are not even close to being met at this point. There are over 250,000 displaced people within an hour from us that need to be fed three times a day, and there are hundreds of thousands of people in eastern Ukraine who don’t have the capacity to buy food.
Many organizations are moving food in as fast as possible; but there are still logistical blockages in getting the semis of food to the right warehouses at the right time. Pray for these logistics to open up.

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