a sad report from the front lines

We received a report that a lady on the front lines that we had tried to evacuate several weeks ago has died. She starved to death in her bedroom, waiting for evacuation, as the fighting raged around her. It is sad that it ended up this way; however, we gave it all we had and found no way to access her and make it out alive.
The situation in the towns and cities on the front lines is grim. Many people have been hiding in their basements for weeks with little or no food. The chances are high that there are hundreds of people starving to death in these places. Many of the houses get bombed in the fighting which usually kills everyone in the house.
We are partnering with several military chaplains to get food and the gospel into these places. In addition, we are also doing some evacuations. These areas are under attack and are being bombed on a regular basis. The people are desperate and become overwhelmed when they realize the world has not forgotten about them.
It is not a pretty place; however, the need and impact is high. Pray for wisdom and protection as we navigate these shattered, broken communities.

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