Team Update From Ukraine

The Russian military is gaining momentum again in the Donbas region. The fighting is slow and bloody with many dead and injured on both sides. Soldiers in the trenches are living in hellish conditions that compare to World War ll trench warfare. We are moving food into the cities and towns on the Ukrainian front. These supplies will help them survive the Russian occupation for the first several months while there are no supplies coming into the area.

Earlier this week we delivered 3,000 pounds of food to a town that is in the middle of an artillery duel. Both sides are launching hundreds of artillery shells at each other 24 hours a day. This is a strategic town, and because it is still under Ukrainian control, it is keeping a large area from falling into Russian hands. Our drop site was between the Ukrainian and Russian firing positions, and it was some of the worst combat we have seen here yet. We unloaded the food and got out of there as quickly as possible. 

Living under constant fire seems to affect people differently. Some people we met there were walking around numb and in emotional shock, while others seemed chill and indifferent. Occasionally, these places we deliver to are almost out of food, and the people there don’t have any easy access to get more. They start praying; and then people show up with food and occasionally a church service. It means a lot to them that people care for them like this. They are often in tears.

We also see a fair amount of conversions and hand out dozens of bibles. Some people tell us they don’t want food; they only want a bible. The time spent in these cities, towns and villages connecting with these people are precious moments and the reason we are here.

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