Staff Introductions: (Emma Yoder)

As the latest addition to our team, Emma Yoder joined us when we badly needed help with data entry.
After the work in Ukraine began, we had a number of extraordinarily busy months and started looking for someone to help with the data entry and some bookkeeping. She has been in the office for several days a week since then, handling all sorts of tasks, ranging from data entry, to bookkeeping and mail runs, and willingly takes on the most boring and repetitious tasks without complaint, which frees the rest of us up to handle other things.
Currently, she’s training in photography and has a vision to deploy to the field to assist on the ground with accounting, social media and other tasks. Most comfortable behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, she’s been an awesome help to have around. Though usually quiet, she can be the life of the party and we have a lot of fun working together.