One Home at a Time

Our team in Washington is doing an outstanding job working in crawl spaces. Two more guys joined them on Saturday, making a complete team of five hardworking volunteers. They are removing damaged insulation from muddy crawl spaces under homes, some of which are definitely more cramped than others. There are about 140 homes left to do in that town. Each house takes about a day and a half, and there are still hundreds of people not living in their homes in the areas affected by the flooding in northern Washington. 

Here is latest update from the team leader:


It was a good day. I feel like I am repeating myself, but it’s just been a blast of a trip.

Today, we finished at Terry’s, finished at the first house we worked at last Monday and finished at the house we helped start on Saturday. The guys seem to really be enjoying the time they are spending together.

Our day started at Terry’s house, where we had part of the bathroom and the living room floor to tear out and the crawl space to tear out and install the plastic sheeting. Jacob suggested the night before that we split our team up to both the crawl space and first floor demo at the same time: it worked out great. Grady, Amos and I were on the first floor while Jacob and Daniel were in the crawl space. It took us about 2.5 hours and we all finished about the same time.

Next, we went across the street to the first crawl space job to finish it. We had to wait a week for some of the mud puddles to go away before we could install plastic sheeting. We took measurements in the crawl space and precut the plastic sheeting. The installation went very rapidly.

From there, we went to the house where we worked on Saturday and finished demo-ing a mud room and did a crawl space tear out and installed 6 mil. The guys work well together. It’s fun seeing their comradery throughout the day.

While they were all at the last house, John left to visit potential houses with Tony. Two houses were scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. The guys worked hard on their own and by the time John came back there was only a little work left. Amos did the demo of the mud room and Jacob, Grady and Daniel tore out the crawl space and installed the plastic sheeting. But that wrapped up our workday.

Yesterday and today seem like some of our most productive days. It’s great having all five guys here to work together. The day ended with a lady from church bringing us dinner. It was wonderful.

Thank you to all the supporters who are making this possible! It is making a world of a difference for the grateful homeowners. 

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