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Has it nearly been two work weeks? The time has flown out here. Today we power washed a basement, tore out a cross space, ate free pizza and helped people apply for financial aid. As this update is written, the guys are relaxing in the RV, watching videos on jet powered trucks; as one does.

The work is beginning to slow down as we are not getting many calls for work. We prayed at breakfast that we would be directed to the homes that we need to help, and the Lord provided a cross space job for a family that really needed it, which was really cool.

We went to Sumas this morning and started calling numbers on a list that Tony gave us. This list is the homes that teams from Creekside have gone and done first floor demos but have largely not done cross space work on them.

We got in contact with a guy that has a bad back and was dreading having to get in his crawlspace. This was an ideal person for us to help. Jacob and Grady started working there, while Amos and I went to pressure-wash a basement. Amos and I pressure washed and sprayed anti-mold liquid in the basement. It looks a lot better. While we were working, J. came by and delivered duct tape, pizza and laundry 🙂

This is truly a testimony of God going before us and providing for us through the body of Christ. I should have mentioned this yesterday: J. spent most of the day loading a dump trailer with all of the debris we demoed from the two houses we worked in. It was great. But I digress.

The pressure washing wrapped up around 1:00 pm and we drove back to Jacob and Grady. Their job turned out to be more involved than originally expected which, ironically, is what we should have expected. The cross space was very tight and had a lot of debris to pull out, but they took it like champs and got it all ready to install the plastic sheeting tomorrow.

We ended our outdoor workday early (around 1:30 pm) and went back to the RV to clean up and get ready to work at a church in Sumas during the afternoon and evening.

This church is called Advent and has an indoor “market” where people can come and get supplies and food for free and sign up for free financial assistance. That is where we came in. We sat down with people and helped them through the process of filling out forms so that they could get on the list for a $1500 check from the county to help with various expenses.

That ended around 7 pm and we came back to the RV and have been passing the time here before we wrap up and go to bed.

It was a day full of coming along side people. It’s a blessing being able to help them.

We just received news that we are going to close operations in Sumas early next week. This begins the process of cleaning, organizing, and preparing to depart over the next few days.

Prayers for the people we’ve worked for would be really valuable: that God’s will would be done in only the way He is capable of doing. It is overwhelming attempting to think of all the people and all the physical needs on top of their spiritual needs, but God is great and mighty and so totally capable. We can lift these people to Him and ask Him to provide.

Prayers for our travels would be very appreciated too; we need to pack all our tools in the RV and make it through the mountain passes safely in addition to making it the rest of the way across the states.

And prayers for finishing well here. That we would be a blessing to Creekside and that they would be blessed for their hospitality and support to us while we have been here.

Thank you all for your support and partnering with us through intercession.

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