Yesterday we headed in to the Donbas region with two loads of food; however, we were not able to go all the way in since the Russians had increased their attack.

Today we tried it again. This time we were able to get through. To access the area, we had to drive through a five mile wide gap that has Russians on both sides who are actively trying to close the gap so they can siege the Lysychans’k area.

While our team was going through that gap, 12 missiles hit 400 yards away on one side. After that, our team parked their vehicles under trees so they wouldn’t be spotted from the air. Once things calmed down, they continued on their way. They alternated driving at high speeds and driving off road through the fields, so the Russians who were targeting vehicles in the area couldn’t get them in their sights.

At one point, they were out of the vehicles trying to figure out how to get around a bridge that had been blown up several hours before; and it was then that the Russians targeted them. The first rocket impacted 400 yards behind the vehicles. The Russians adjusted their aim, and the second rocket was only 70 yards off to the side. Thankfully, it landed in soft dirt that absorbed most of the explosion and the shrapnel.

Our team continued on their way at a high rate of speed until they entered the city where they delivered medical supplies to 3 different hospitals, dropped off 2,000 pounds of food to large groups of people living in underground bomb shelters, and loaded up with people that wanted to escape the place.

They met many people in tears as they came out of their basements. The city has been destroyed. Rubble and destroyed vehicles litter the streets, and military vehicles are about the only thing left in the city. The city gets bombed day and night, and many people die. It’s a bad situation.

Pray for these people. Pray for us as we plan future trips into this place.

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