Haiti Update 7/27

In the Prison service we lead songs and preached on the consequences of sin using the story of Achan as a example. Afterwards, we had testimony time and some of the ladies sang and then two of the young men got up and sang a song of testimony. I find it encouraging to see the young men getting more involved. In closing we sang “Vini chak moun ki plen pêche Kris genyen mizèrikòd” “ Come, every sinner, Christ has mercy”. One of the older ladies came to the front and fell on her knees in tears. I prayed for her while the rest sang and then she shared her testimony, repented of her life of sin that has made her whole family suffer and asked God for forgiveness and then she asked the Lord to forgive her and save her.
One of the things I am very burdened with is that each one of these inmates, who have come forward, accepted Christ and have repented, need discipleship. At this time, it feels we are harvesting the harvest without a plan keep the fruits from rotting. Commitment and openness is the first step, but long term discipleship is what many of these prisoners need.
Pray for the lady who gave her life to the Lord today. Her biggest request is that her family would forgive her and accept her again.
For the 28 year old young man that has been in prison since he was 17. He was arrested for fighting but because he has no family, no one has ever paid for him to go before a judge to be sentenced. In a sense he is sentence to life, unless someone gets him a attorney and gets him before a judge.
And the saddest and most touching prayer request is for a young man of 18 that has been in prison since he was 14. He has also never been before a judge yet. He had a small notebook hidden in his clothes that he pulled out and used to give me his mom’s phone number. He asked me to call her for him and plead with her to come visit him. She has never been there to visit him in 4 years.
For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in. Psalm 27:10

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