God’s protection

Monday and Tuesday we went into Lysychans’k again. Each time, we took food and medical supplies in, and one time we evacuated a full load of people on our way out.

The fighting is getting worse; the city is being torn apart; and we see the supernatural at work every time we go into this place. One time we received an evacuation request while we were in the city. We prayed about it and felt released by God to do it. We went into the southern part of the city and evacuated numerous people. Later, we found out that that part of the city was being hit by the Russians; and it was considered basically impossible to go in and come back out alive.

We have experienced the grace, favor, and protection of God many times. Thank you for praying and standing with us. These outreaches are directly impacted by your prayers and financial support. We couldn’t do it by ourselves and deeply appreciate your help.

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