Close Calls on the Front

Today, we went to the eastern front to do food distributions. Our first stop was a town just a mile or two from the Russian front. When we were just minutes from our prearranged distribution point, we met a crowd of terrified people fleeing down the road. They said there had been a large crowd that had been waiting for our arrival, when the Russians sent five missiles at the crowd. The missiles came in low, went over the crowd, and exploded in the second row of buildings behind them. Miraculously, nobody was injured. The people in the village quickly set up another distribution point, and we gathered for a service and distribution.
When we were finished there, we moved forty-five minutes south to a town located in the territory between the Russian and Ukrainian battle lines. As strange as it may sound, there are still people living in that area.
While we were there, we heard the whistling of many missiles as they passed over us. There were also numerous missiles that landed within a hundred yards of us; however, we still held four church services and distributions in this place. The people were grateful for the food, service, and the fellowship. Most of them live hard lives in a dark, underground bomb shelter.
It’s a surreal feeling to be there with the people. Some of them are angry; many seem depressed and hopeless; and some of them seem resolute and determined to make the best of it.
Pray for the people to experience the kingdom of God and His presence in their lives.
Thank you to all of our sponsors and prayer warriors who make this possible. We couldn’t keep the operations going without you and deeply appreciate your support. The people on the front lines are also sending their thanks. It makes a world of a difference for them.

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