from a team leader

War is hell! Over the past couple weeks I have become convinced that war is the closest thing to hell that humans can experience on earth. Over the past several days the sights that I have seen in the aftermath of the invasion will forever stay with me. We can sit at home and argue who is right and who is wrong. Who deserves what they are getting, who doesn’t. But I am convinced that the only true reality is that there are innocent people caught in the middle. And they are hurting! I choose to stand up, to run into the fire! To help the innocent! To help carry the burden! The pain, the trauma, the death! Because my God is bigger than all that! And he gives me the strength every day to walk this pathway that I have chosen! His mercy’s are new every morning! And this beautiful sunset is our reminder of that! He sees the pain, and I believe he cries tears with the innocent! My friends, we are called to stand! To go into these places! We are the hands and feet of Jesus! The bearer’s of light and love!

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