Would you Help us Help Haiti?

As many of you know, Haiti is in a severe crisis. Gang violence and protests continue to hamper or block food and water deliveries, and the World Food Program is calling it the worst hunger crisis Haiti has ever seen. We have been asked to help with this food crisis and agreed to assist where we can.

A trusted American contact in Haiti has made it possible for us to reach five different areas of great need with aid. We are currently doing distributions in two prisons and surrounding areas, two remote mountain villages and an island off the Haitian coastline. We have categorized these places into several zones.
In the first zone, our goal is to help the prisoners with food twice a week. The situation is dire in these prisons and there’s also a great need for hygiene products along with basic clothing. The weekly expenses of this outreach are $1,500. Zones 2 and 4 are large mountainous areas that are in great need. We are doing food distributions there once a week. Combined, it takes $3,000 to bring food to these zones. The third zone is another prison that has 750 inmates. We’re currently doing one meal per week for them. The need for hygiene products and basic clothing is the same in this prison. This project is $2,000 per week.
Lastly, Zone 5 is an island that is in dire need of food. Our contacts are providing us with lists of people who have the greatest needs, and they plan to take supplies out by boat once a month, which comes in at $1,000 weekly.

The total is $7,500 per week, which provides approximately 7,880 meals to people who are experiencing the most difficult hardships. We are committed to help provide relief in Haiti as the need calls for and the funds are available. Would you consider partnering with us to help Haiti?

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