Why are we feeding prisoners?

The situation in the Haiti prisons has always been bad. About a year ago, the judicial system of Haiti collapsed. As a result, many prisoners have never gone before a judge and have not yet been convicted of a crime and sentenced. The prisons are overcrowded and the government barely provided adequate food, leaving the inmates mostly dependent on their families to bring them food. At this point, the government is broke and unable to keep feeding the prisoners. The families are struggling and barely make it, which means they have a harder time finding anything to bring to the prison. This creates a great hunger crisis in the prisons.
The people outside of prison are off badly, and we hear stories of people eating leaves or finding some kind of fruit. And even if it isn’t much, it’s still something. If nobody brings the prisoners food, it means they don’t eat and are starving.
With your help, we can make a difference to alleviate at least some of the suffering in these areas.

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