Update From Ukraine 04/12

Our work in Ukraine has taken an interesting turn. We are transitioning from moving food to assisting with medical work.
The medical system in eastern Ukraine is overwhelmed with military casualties, and many of the injured soldiers and civilians have little or no medical care. This is especially true in the areas where they have hundreds of dead and injured soldiers every day.
Someone has given us an ambulance to use. We are staging that ambulance, staffed with a medical team, at one of the military stabilization points. This stabilization point is located in a front line town and has been bombed numerous times. The building has remained intact after every bombing and the medical personnel have continued working.
The work is intense. Dozens of men come through this stabilization point each day. A few are dead and the others have every level of injury from critical to minor. The injured are stabilized, loaded into waiting ambulances, and taken to hospitals for further treatment or surgery. Our job is to transport the patients once they have been stabilized.
We would appreciate prayer as we navigate the challenges and the needs of the medical initiative.