Update From Haiti 04/18

In the past several weeks we have seen some of the local churches step up and do what they can to help the inmates in the Jacmel prison. It’s encouraging to see the churches become aware of the situation and partner with us in the work. Last Sunday, I spoke about the work we’re doing in the prisons at a large Haitian church. We are grateful for the opportunities to share about the work and get the local community involved.
We have been praying for rain and yesterday, it rained! Despite the heavy downpour, people walked a long distance to be present at the food distribution. Once again, they were very grateful for the food. Several people told us of other families who are in need, but when they heard that we didn’t have enough food to help those families, they decided to share some of the food that they received to help their neighbors in need. This is how Haiti survives… even if they have very little, Haitians are very willing to share with those in need. It blesses us to see that happen, even in a crisis like this.

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