Ukraine Update

Ukraine update 🇺🇦
On Sunday we were asked if we are willing to do rescue operations in a hotly contested town in the Donbas region.
We agreed to it and have a team in there since Monday. They are working alongside several other organizations, whose objective is to evacuate civilians who want to get away from the combat.
Some days the working environment is intense, and other days it’s not as bad. Since we have been there, it has been calmer than some of the previous days. This is a welcome break from the intensity that previous teams experienced in there.
One of the bigger threats is landmines which already took out two vehicles in the group we are working with. Other threats are Russian drones, fighter jets, and artillery.
We are taking one step at a time, one day at a time, and continually turning to God for our next step. It’s the only way we have faith to do it.
Thank for your prayers on our behalf! We are so grateful for all the ways you support us and our mission!

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