Ukraine Update 3/01

A lot of testimonies come from the front lines. The place where you get so used to the sound of mortars blasting, it becomes a normality. The place where that adrenaline rush is felt that can only come from the knowledge of the fragility of your earthly being, contrasted against the powerful protection of God.
I love those testimonies. Where the love and power of God shines through so clear and pure. But today my story is not from the frontlines. Today my story takes place in a small church in Dnipro. A small body of believers who gather to worship God every Sunday, and bless anyone who walks through the doors into that holy sanctuary of peace.
She was probably about five or six years old, and it was her birthday.
She was at church that morning with her family. After the service the pastor called her up, and laying his hand on her shoulder, he asked, “How can we pray for you on your birthday?”
Her voice was timid, but her brave smile peeked through her sadness as she spoke these words.
“My birthday wish is that this war would be over. I wish we could live upstairs all the time like we used to, instead of in the basement. I want prayer that this war would be over.”
My heart broke as I listened to the cry of this innocent child’s heart. I felt the pain and confusion. The longing for peace.
From a distance, we see the horror of the conflict. Up close we see the loss. We see hopelessness, and brokenness.
But in this small gathering of believers, I felt my faith being renewed. In the birthday wish of a child, I felt hope. She directed us back to one of our greatest weapons; prayer.
In the horror and destruction of war, we know where to go. We know Who to turn to. We know where to find peace.
This world is broken, but we will rise victorious, because of the One who lives within us. And He has given us authority to fight against this oppressive darkness. This evil hatred.
I choose to fight for these people.
Not with mortars, missiles and guns.
I choose love.
I choose hope.
I choose prayer.
Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦

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