Ukraine Update

In the past several weeks we have started another kind of new line of work. We started assisting in evacuating people from the red and grey zones. Red zones are the areas in the front lines that are deemed to dangerous for civilians; grey zones are the no-man’s land. This is the area between the 2 front lines where no one goes. This work brings the intensity to a whole new level. Many times our teams come in close proximity of incoming artillery shells. We have had explosions within 50 meters of us.

Often times as all this is happening, we are reasoning with the individuals trying to convince them why it is in their best interest to leave. Many people are so shell shocked and scared from having spent month’s under attack that they can not even think rationally. Others are just so afraid, but when we give them a secure ride to leave with they are more than willing to go. Many times these conversations are happening while a hail of bombs and rockets are falling on all sides.

Please pray for our teams as they walk this pathway. These things tend to take a mental toll on us humans. Pray for strength, both physically and mentally. Pray that we could stay strong in our walk with the Lord, but also that we could stay open to the pain around us, that we would not become callous and start shrugging it off as just another happening from the war.

We thank you for your continued support both financially and by prayer. Without your support we could not be here. May God bless you in your journey with Him.

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