Ukraine Update 05/05

This past week has been quite different as we’ve transitioned away from mostly running food distribution to doing more medical evacuations. Change is never easy, but I’ve enjoyed many aspects of the new work and what it entails.
A few days ago, we got a request to evacuate a bedridden Babushka (grandma) from a front-line town near Bakhmut. The roads we had to take to get there were muddy and in terrible condition.
Driving in, I noticed quite a few houses along that street were blown up, but thankfully, nothing had hit her home.
It was a fairly quiet day for that town, but as we were helping the Babushka into the ambulance, there were a few explosions just down the street from incoming artillery. As we slowly bumped along the muddy roads to safety, it was sad to think that this lady had to flee from war in her old age… probably for the second time.
There are so many just like her, who’ve been hoping they could stay in the homes they have lived in all their lives, but they are now forced to leave as the Russian military advances. Sadly, too many of them don’t leave until it’s too late.
Continue to pray for the team as they work on the frontlines everyday, working to save lives and make an impact for eternity.

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