Ukraine Update 04/21

Having been asked to share a few words, I’m struggling hardcore to find the right words. What would be most important to tell? What is something to leave unsaid, so that I can stay inside the 2,000 character limit for this social media platform or another? Furthermore: How can I write in a way that those, who have never experienced what I did, will be able to understand it and be inspired to do more? Words have a way of limiting, confining things that are meant to be felt and experienced. This work has eternal consequences, no part is more or less important. A driver, translator, EMT, medic, pastor, donor, administrator, staff member, someone packing a parcel, the truck driver: Everyone plays a role. Be it in Ukraine, Haiti, Mississippi, Arkansas, no matter… a soul saved, a life changed, a seed planted, it matters and the consequences are eternal. The conversations between partnering organizations. A time of prayer while a tank round whistles overhead. A song shared in a basement. Maybe it’s a marriage ceremony as artillery shells crash about. Maybe it’s a smile in the back of an ambulance heading out of Bahkmut. Maybe it’s a hug in the yard after a family portrait is found in the rubble. Or a text message from a friend made years ago on a prior PCCR project. Each person can be a part of this by contributing, as their skill sets allow, changing the world here and beyond….. Yes, you can make an eternal difference, no matter how much or little you can do. But only, if you contribute.
~written by one of our volunteers

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