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Two weeks ago we took a load of food to a church contact in a village far off the beaten path, close to the front lines. We met the people, unloaded the food, and were soon on our way.
Several days later the lady who coordinated it called us in tears. She said they had been almost out of food and weren’t sure where to get more. Most of the stores are no longer open; people have lost their jobs; and the people that still have money in the bank can’t get money out of ATMs anymore.
She thanked us profusely for thinking about them and bringing them food in their time of need. She was so grateful that someone cared.
Thank you! Many of you have donated and prayed for this project, and your support makes a huge difference for these people. We’re only able to help because of people like you. God bless you!
If you’d like to help us help them, click to donate below. 

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