Team Update

This morning we started our distributions at a military base where we handed out bread and water to the soldiers.

After we were done there, we went to another city and handed out food and shared the gospel. It is not safe to hold a large gathering, so we had to hold many smaller ones instead. Leonid, our military chaplain, shared the gospel so many times that he ended up losing his voice!

When we had done about six or seven drops, it was getting pretty late, and we had run out of prepackaged food bags to hand out. We had planned to do more drops, but unfortunately ran out of food before we got there.

The last two drops we did were in an area of town closer to the front and in an area where most other aid organizations don’t go. We were able to make some key contacts that will enable us to return another day with more food and reach these people who are in desperate need.

Overall we had a great day and were able to reach many people.

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