team report from the ukraine

Yesterday our team from Lviv moved two and a half hours northwest to a railroad town, where they set up a temporary base. Last evening, they hosted six children and teens and two grandmothers. Our team will care for them until they go to the border tomorrow.
Our two remaining team members in Hungary crossed into Ukraine yesterday and will be joining the rest of the team today. This afternoon we will be setting up a dispatch system in order to connect our contacts with our evacuation teams. This evening there will be two vehicles, as well as drivers and translators for them, arriving at our base. Tomorrow we will take the first load of refugees to the border and begin evacuations.
Due to Ukraine being under martial law, we are needing to set up several bases in Ukraine to properly facilitate the movement of the refugees. Pray for the right people and resources to come into place to allow us to have several bases. Also pray for more vehicles, drivers, and translators as having these will allow us to evacuate more people quickly.
Pray for wisdom for our teams and for safety, both physical and mental, as they evacuate people fleeing the hot zones.

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