Staff Introductions: (Dorcas Kauffman)

Meet Dorcas Kauffman, our Marketing Director! When she joined our team back in August of 2022, she had volunteered as a photographer in Ukraine for several months before accepting the part-time role of Social Media Manager. Just a few weeks ago, she stepped up to take on the Marketing Director role, which fits her to a tee! She’s comfortable in brainstorming meetings and working solo, sees potential in everything and brings a world of fresh perspective, new ideas, and a passion for quality and accuracy into the organization.
We love her can-do attitude, always looking for ways to improve, develop new areas and keep things fresh. With her photography skills, keen interest in all things social media and dedication to professionalism, she’s a wonderful team member to have in the organization.
“When it comes to humanitarian aid, there’s a fine line that needs to be walked on how to take photos and when… being quite unskilled in photography myself, I deeply admire her ability to step into a situation and tell the stories that happen on the field through her photos.” ~Thea

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