Sharing Hope with the Haitians

Haiti 🇭🇹
For me, it’s an opportunity to be a part of the work with Plain Compassion. In the mountains, where we have done food distributions, the people are very excited and happy about the food kits they receive. We have given people hope, even though there are a lot of areas we haven’t yet touched. In these rugged areas, the government doesn’t do anything to help the locals. They depend on the ground and rain to grow crops, and because they haven’t taken care of the land, it is mostly useless for raising crops. Many children are suffering from malnutrition along with many other sicknesses and they can’t go to school. The families have nothing left to give.
When these people receive a package of food, they often start crying for joy and relief, even though the food won’t be enough for one week. The food kits have literally stopped people from starving to death and many of those that have received take the food and share it with others that did not receive any food, even if it’s just a little bit.
This type of aid is essential to keeping people alive. If we were to stop, a lot of people would lose hope completely. People are counting on us and tell us again: “Thank you, thank you!”. God bless you and let’s continue to work to help those that are in need.
Jacob Sainton