Mississippi Response Update 03/31

One of the jobs that we were working on yesterday and today was a home where the tornado had picked up a semi truck from the neighbor’s driveway and dropped it onto the home of an elderly couple. They were able to get the truck off the roof and haul it off. But the couple didn’t survive. I got to talk with their children that were there, picking through the rubble. It was really sad because they had to go to the funeral yesterday, while we were there taking down the stuff. They went through all the stuff, found what they wanted and set out to demo the rest. We tried to keep an eye out for stuff that they might still want, that they wouldn’t have been able to spot, the stuff that would be memorable. And it’s really sad watching them go through this. I thought, they were handling it really well. That was one of the worst houses. It basically got leveled, except maybe one corner of the place that was still standing. We also had three other houses right there that we were working on, getting trees off of the roofs. We’ll be finished leveling two of them today and attempt to move all the trash to the road side.