The last several days were challenging, but packed full of miracles. 

Two days ago we started looking for ways to access an area east of Kyiv. This area has been under Russian attack and has been Russian controlled for several weeks already. We had several evacuation requests in there and attempted one, but cancelled it when we ran headlong into a Russian assault on Ukrainian military positions.

Then we discovered a way in there. Yesterday morning we loaded three vans with food and relief supplies and drove east. We went around Russian battle lines and got behind them into Russian occupied territory. We unloaded the food and spent the night.

This morning we began loading up the people who wanted out of the fighting and the danger in the area. One guy had walked for two days, and two ladies had biked twenty-five miles each just to join our group. Soon our convoy had grown to 28 vehicles with over 120 people. 

We headed out in a large convoy, driving through an area that was swarming with Russians. We were a long, slow caravan, and there was nothing we could do about it. We put our faith in God and moved forward. Some of the routes took us through fields and woods to bypass Russian troops. After awhile, we reached a muddy spot where most of the vehicles got stuck. We were out in the open and couldn’t move anywhere fast. It was a very vulnerable feeling, and many prayer requests were sent out across the world.

We eventually got moving again, and three hours later our convoy arrived in a safer area, totally untouched. It was a miracle. There was no way, except God, that we could come through Russian occupied territory like that with that many people and vehicles. It was as if we were invisible to the Russians. We are deeply grateful to God for His protection.

Pray for us as we push into more of this type of evacuations. There are so many opportunities, and we need wisdom on how to best match the resources with the needs. 

Thank you for your support!

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