Kentucky: Dealing with the long-term effects of the flood

We are currently evaluating the scope of the overall needs in Kentucky, as they seem to be shifting some. The immediate large scale disaster cleanup needs are winding down; however, there are still some individual people that need cleanup assistance.
People now seem to be hunkering down for a season as they try to figure out what their next step is. A lot of people do not have the funding to pay for all the needed renovations, and they don’t know where it will come from.
Most people have electric and public water restored to their properties. However, depending on the conditions of the house the power may not be turned on in the house.
The biggest need everyone is evaluating is how to keep people warm this winter. A lot of people are staying in tents and campers or houses that have the drywall, insulation and heating systems tore out.
Pray for wisdom as the community and organizational leaders pull together and look at how we can best take care of the people we serve.

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