Haiti Update 3/24

Oftentimes, it’s really hard to know when to say yes or no to the requests for help. In the zones that we work in and everywhere else, the requests for food come flooding in and it’s our biggest challenge to assess the needs and distribute the food to the people that need it the most. All of our food distribution sites are in the red zones, which are worse off than the rest of the country. Statistically speaking, this is one of the worst food famines on the globe, and also the worst crisis Haiti has ever seen.
Pray for the safety of our teams as they organize and carry out food distributions. Kidnappings and murder happen at a higher rate than ever, and God’s protection is very real to us. We are grateful that we can still go out and serve others, in spite of the condition of the country.
To everyone who has helped, whether by donations, volunteering or praying: We are incredibly thankful for you. Thank you for standing with us to make a difference. This crisis is an opportunity like few others to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth and impact Haiti forever, one person at a time.