Haiti Update 2/7

Haiti 🇭🇹
Imagine that you only make the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour (a total of $58.00/day), but one gallon of fuel costs $145.00. Or that you had to work nine days just to buy a bag of rice for $522.00 that lasts only seven days for your family. This is the reality of Haitian families that have jobs. Two thirds of Haitians are currently unemployed. Most employers pay only the minimum wage $3.22 a day. In the current crisis, one gallon of fuel cost $8.00 and a bag of rice that last 7 days can be bought for $30.00. The average employee has to work nine days just for a bag of rice.
What about clean drinking water or other basic needs? It all became very difficult. The situation is compounded with an estimated 96,000 people who were displaced do to gang violence (statistics by UN). Where are these 96,000 people? We don’t have refugee camps or countries that are allowing Haitians to flee into other countries. They all have moved to rural areas of Haiti, living with family members and friends, making an already difficult situation impossible. Think about 100,000 people displaced, without a single refugee camp. In spite of this, Haitians are incredible at opening their doors and taking care of each other, even if it means harder living conditions for themselves.

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