Crews at Work

Written by one of our volunteer coordinators.
Yesterday morning we started out with a briefing for some of our first volunteer teams. Then our first crew started by helping a couple ladies to cleaning out their house. We hauled debris and trash to the landfill and cleaned out the ditch for them.
Our second crew came in a little later and started cleanup at a different house. They removed debris from on and around the deck, and we worked on getting asphalt out of a few yards and cleaning up trash.
One of the houses we were at today had a full storage building that had floated up against the house. The homeowner wanted it moved back a bit, so we were able to drag it back a few feet. Thankfully, everything held together.
It’s hard to see what these people have been through and are still going through. Some people have lost everything, and some people have houses still standing, but probably not repairable. How do you answer people who ask questions like: Did I or someone else commit some major sin that God did this? or: Why would God do something like this?
Pray for our teams that we can portray Jesus in everything we say and do.

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