Bringing Hope into Desperate Places

So much destruction.
Broken dreams.
Broken families.
Broken hearts.
So much brokenness, both physically and emotionally.
Nearly everywhere you look when we go east to the frontlines you see destruction and brokenness.
Places that once were alive with life, laughter, friends, families, bright hope and dreams for the future, and good times, now lay in broken emptiness and rubble. Hiding in basements and bomb shelters for months on end has become a normal reality. It’s a cold and depressing reality.
But somewhere in all of that, we get to pray with them, we hug them, we listen to them, give them food, hygiene products, blankets and bibles, we laugh and cry with them and most of importantly we share the HOPE and love that Jesus so freely gives to every soul.
I don’t know how or if it impacts them at all and we may never know, but I count it an honor and privilege to be able to go into these places, to met them in their shattered, broken situations and care about them! And I pray that somehow it plants a seed of HOPE in their hearts and that someday where depression and sorrow now lay, bright hope and joy would abound, where brokenness and destruction lay, redemption and restoration would abound. And that the SON would shine in their lives once again!
– Written by one of our volunteers in Ukraine

To ease the load of a fellow man, to put a smile on one child's face, to go to places where everyone tries to leave and offer a helping hand... and knowing that this is God's work and he wants me here. I am here to impact the world, starting with the person next to me.

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