A Record day for Packing Parcels

Today we packed a record of food parcels at our warehouse! A grand total of 1,025! Three hundred were done this morning between 4 and 5 AM, then loaded into a van and taken straight to the front lines. This afternoon we packed another 725 and loaded those into 3 vehicles. All that was done in about 5 hours. Those 3 vehicles are going to several different locations tomorrow, all close to the front lines.

Our whole family decided to help pack parcels this time and the children were absolutely delighted to help and loved every minute of it! They felt so important and it was lots of fun doing it as a family!

Thanks to the generosity of partnering ministries, the food that we package is donated to us to supply the people who are facing starvation and distress along the front lines. The remaining expenses associated with bringing it out to the front lines is covered by generous donors like you. Thank you so much for your help! 

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