Who is PCCR?

The vision of Plain Compassion Crisis Response is to spread the love of God through disaster relief and humanitarian aid and to equip this generation with the leadership skills needed to live a God-honoring life in today’s world.

Plain Compassion Crisis Response is a non-profit service organization that was formed the fall of 2014. The purpose of forming this organization was to provide international disaster response services as a means of showing God’s Love, and for opening doors to share the Good News to the lost and dying who have not heard. The specific need/opportunity presenting itself was the ISIS refugee crisis in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq and surrounding areas. Now, we respond to disasters on a national and international level to bring hope into dire situations, wherever the opportunity presents itself. 
~Merv King

Meet the staff


Merv King

I’m married to my beautiful wife Anna Mae and we have 6 children. As a family, we enjoy any time that we get to spend together. In the evenings or weekends, I enjoy watching my children’s activities whether it’s a softball game, bible quizzing, or playing music with them. In addition to serving with PCCR, I serve on the pastoral team at church (Abundant Life Christian Fellowship). I enjoy working with people and helping them discover their potential and calling in their lives!

Project Director

Daniel Beiler

We lived in Iraq for two and a half years. We then transitioned to the U.S. in 2020, where I now serve as the Field Director for Plain Compassion Crisis Response. I enjoy traveling, meeting and mentoring people, and watching them experience Jesus Christ. We feel called to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the most remote and dangerous places on the globe. Being the project director of the organization gives me a platform to do so.

Daniel & Maribeth

International Response Director

Kendall Nolt

Hi! I’m Kendall Nolt from Charles City, Iowa, I grew up on a dairy farm with 7 sisters and one brother. My mom and dad are Lloyd and Elaine Nolt, and I attend a small non-denominational church in rural Iowa. I’m a firefighter/EMT and love serving my community on two fire departments. I run as a firefighter but also use my EMT skills as a medical first responder. I work part time on the local EMS service and am also a member of the county SAR team. I’ve worked many different aspects of the construction industry, most recently manufacturing roofing metal, as well as spending several years as a truck driver. However, my passion is still in the medical field.

The reason why I am serving with Plain Compassion is simple: I see it as an opportunity to do the things I’m passionate about at a global level instead of just within the local community. To serve God, to reach out to these people in their worst moments and to put my skills to use here, it’s the best! I am excited for whatever is next and can’t wait to see where God wants to take me!

Stateside Response Director

Mervin Beiler

Lydia Ann and I have been married since 2012 and we have 5 amazing children. We live in Shanks WV area since 2017.  We also serve with Light of Hope Ministries. We are passionate about training people to thrive in the Kingdom of God! I had a dream ever since I was a young boy to serve in the middle of a disaster or crisis and to bring order to the chaos which tends to follow a crisis situation. And PCCR is a platform that empowers us to fulfill this dream we have as a couple.

Website & Design

Thea Gorber

I was born in Germany and moved to the US with my family when I turned 14. I live in Tennessee and work for PCCR from home. Design is one of my favorite things to do, along with reading, horseback riding, and most outdoor activities with my siblings and friends. This is a dream job for me, I love being a part of the staff at PCCR.

Social Media Manager

Dorcas Kauffman

I was born in western Maryland and lived there till I was 6, moved to Michigan and lived there for 5 years while Dad work at a boys home as counselor. Then moved back to Maryland. I moved to Lancaster PA for a year and half when I was 20, then to West Virginia where I currently live. I love traveling the world and serving the Lord where ever he leads me. Photography is a large passion of mine and was thrilled to use it on the frontlines lines of Ukraine war!

Data Entry Assistant

Emma Yoder

Hi, my name is Emma! I was born in New York and moved to Pennsylvania with my family when I was 10. When I turned 18, I spent a year in West Virginia at Haven of Hope. During that time, I developed a real relationship with God, made friends for life and got a vision for moving forward. I am passionate about helping people to get to know God in a deeper way and living in their calling!

Emmanuel Mercado

Hola a todos! My name is Manny and we live in Reading, Pa. We love the city life and really have a heart to share the Gospel with those around us. We are apart of Shiloh Mennonite Church, where I serve as a Minister. I’m excited to see how God will continue to work through PCCR!

Meet the Board

PCCR is directed by an independent board


Chad Martin

I have served with PCCR in Iraq, Nepal, and Puerto Rico as a volunteer, project coordinator, field director, and then as a board member. I have been involved in PCCR since Jan 2015. I am blessed to be the father of a lovely family and enjoy life with my family. I also enjoy the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. I work at Concrete Walls Unlimited as a job foreman and enjoy putting in quality foundations for people's homes.

Vice Chairman

Sam Stoltzfus

We've been married for 25 years and are blessed with 8 children. Kathryn married to David Campbell, Lydia married to Conrad Schmucker, Allen, James, Nathaniel, Malena, Alisa, & Austin. We live on a small farm in New Holland, PA, and attend Weavertown Mennonite Church. I am CEO at Country Lane Gazebos, building structures to enhance outdoor living. We enjoy camping & traveling as a family. We are passionate about serving in God's kingdom through various opportunities & are blessed to be a part of PCCR.


Duane Good

I am employed by Schnupp's Grain Roasting as a dispatcher. I also do manufacturing and equipment painting for Schnupp's. I've been a firefighter and EMT since I've been 20. My hobbies are being a first responder and doing projects on our house. I enjoy doing landscaping projects around our place. I'm inspired by seeing people empowered to fulfill their Anointing. I love being able to see people blossom into the calling God has on their life.


David Lapp

Fannie and I have been married since 2003 and have 12 beautiful children. I served on the first team to Iraq in 2014. With 15+ years involvement in nonprofit work. I bring that perspective to Plain Compassion. I am inspired by seeing people experience God outside of their comfort zone and I believe PCCR offers that experience.

Board Member

Amos Chupp

We have been married 24 years and are blessed with 7 beautiful children, our son Daniel married to Dorcas and granddaughter Amiya, Geneva (married to Kenneth Keim), Dorothy (married to Josiah Miller), Keith (married to Mary), Sharon, Rhoda Grace and Josiah. Our home is in Campbellsville, KY. We have a passion to help people be set free from the bondages that are holding them back from connecting to God, and being all that He designed them to be in life. We have been a part of the Light of Hope team and are involved with the Overcomer’s Courses, which are now part of the First Response training of the PCCR teams. Our main focus at the Overcomer’s Course is to raise up warriors to serve in the Kingdom of God. We enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

Chupp Family Photo
Board Member

Glen Zehr

I was born and raised in southern Virginia on a dairy farm. I met my wife, Rachel Kauffman, while attending SMBI in 1993. We got married in 1994 and lived in Hanover PA until the summer of 1995 before moving back to the home farm in Virginia. There, we raised our 5 children. I have been involved in music ministry since 1997 with Voice Of Praise quartet and have a heart for people. We sold the dairy in 2019, due to the struggling dairy economy, and moved Lebanon County PA There we were involved in starting Lighthouse Thrift Store in Myerstown. We attend Family Harvest Mennonite Church and are thankful for a caring church family. I am excited about how the Lord is using PCCR and is looking forward to seeing what the future holds.