Thanks for checking out our volunteer page! Below are links  and information you will find helpful. 

Our goal is to send leaders that are trained and equipped to respond to crises within the US, and then build on that training and experience for further development in order to send them into more intense situations internationally.

Our organizational vision has always been to use disasters as a means to take the gospel into areas that would otherwise be closed and hostile towards us. We believe it is our responsibility to put our volunteers in the best position to succeed in whatever crisis they respond to and in whatever country that might be.

We want you to have the best possible experience when you deploy with us. This training program is put together so that you are empowered and equipped to respond to disaster. It is focused on crisis response within the US, but many of the skills can also be applied in international crisis situations.

This program is dedicated for disaster response within the United States. We will care for people struck by disaster while preparing the volunteers for international deployment.

When disaster strikes, we will be there to provide emergency relief and to bridge the gap between the needs of the community and the organizations working to meet those needs.

Due to the nature of our organization, the fields that we have open change periodically. Please check out the our fields page (link below) to check out our open fields.

We recommend researching the area and learning basic language skills of the country that you will be traveling to.