Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy, she is our interpreter, contacts coordinator, trusted advisor, and dear friend! Lucy has been working with our team non-stop since the first weeks of the war to find and coordinate our contacts with both church networks and government workers. She keeps us moving forward in networking, finding equipment, assessing different areas needs, and …

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Team Update

Today we sent a team with a military chaplain to minister at a military hospital; then they dropped off some food at a church close to the front lines.  We also signed a rental lease on a warehouse. This warehouse comes with pallet jacks and a forklift. We already have another shared warehouse that was …

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Food delivery

Today we had a breakthrough in our logistics coordination, and we were able to move 54,000 pounds of food to our facility in eastern Ukraine. During the next several days, our goal is to move all the food out to the front line communities where it is needed. Pray that we would be able to find …

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