Merv King

Fall Awareness Event!

 The Mel Stoltzfus Family band will be live at the event on Friday night!Come out for an evening of great food, great music and fellowship. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!#CrisisResponse #InternationalCrisisResponse #USDisasterResponse #HumanitarianAid #hope #PCCR #Awarenessevent 

Question & Answer

Q: Why should I take the training?A: There are lots of people who can and want to volunteer and yet aren’t allowed to work with the local and national emergency service departments when disasters hit. By taking the training, you’ll gain the necessary credentials to serve alongside first responders, as well as the opportunity to …

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Question & Answer

Q: Can I volunteer with PCCR without taking the training?A: When we respond to a disaster that happens within the US, we will often open it up for volunteers. When this happens, you are welcome to sign up and volunteer. And if you’d like to be notified when we have volunteer opportunities, sign up using …

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First Response Training

Last week, we completed another First Response Training consisting of two guys and three girls. One of the guys will be going to Vermont this weekend, to help with flood cleanup.During this training, one of my highlights was seeing the team’s leadership skills develop as we went through some challenging scenarios. To help them understand …

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Staff Offsite 6/01

This past weekend, we held our first ever staff offsite. Our vision for this offsite was to get to know each other better and to have some much anticipated and needed time off.We spent some time discussing our different personality and character traits and talking about how we can best utilize our gifts and talents …

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First Response Training Graduates!

We just finished the First Response Training, with all the trainees graduating on Thursday. It was amazing to see this group pull together, develop leadership skills, teamwork and practical hands-on skills for crisis response work. Congratulations to all the graduates!#CrisisResponse #InternationalCrisisResponse #StatesideCrisisResponse #HumanitarianAid #hope #PCCR

King Family Update

“Thus far the LORD has helped us.”This verse comes to my mind when I think over the past year and how God brought us thru many adjustments and life-changing events.In January we held our second first response training where we graduated eight trainees. At the end of January we as a family moved from our …

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