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Thailand Update 7/10

I really enjoyed my time in Thailand. The children at the home are super sweet and love attention. Being in Thailand stretched me a little,

Thailand Update 6/29

I recently traveled to Thailand to evaluate the project, see first-hand what is happening and the impact that we’re making there. I myself was definitely

Thailand Update 6/25

We are looking for several volunteers to serve with us in the month of August. The work consists mainly of spending time with and caring

Thailand Update 6/20

We started teaching English to the Burmese kids three days a week. Even though that wasn’t what we intended to do at the home, we

Ukraine Update from Chaplin Leonid

Thanks to the support of Plain Compassion Crisis Response, we continue to work in the hot spots of Northern and Eastern Ukraine, as the war

Thailand Update 6/13

Over the past couple weeks, our team has grown to seven volunteers, and we have started a more consistent schedule helping at the children’s home.

Thailand Update 6/08

We had the unexpected privilege of taking one of the little girls from the home to the Hospital. One of our volunteers noticed she was

Wrapping up the Brazil Project

One thing I’ve learned over the past 2 weeks is that the Brazilian people are hardy folk. Picking up a shovel, they pry open the

Brazil Flooding 5/28

 As we headed deeper into the disaster zone we saw an older couple outside theirhouse walking around somewhat aimlessly so we stopped, walked up to

Thailand Update 5/24

The children’s home here in Thailand is bustling with activity as school is now in full swing. We’ve started the financial assistance for food expenses

Brazil Flooding 5/22

Starting on 28th April, Southern Brazil was hit by heavy rains, causing widespread landslides and a hydroelectric dam to partially collapse. The following week, the

Thailand – How You can Help!

Here’s how you can get involved in the work in Thailand:We are committed to the care and wellbeing of the children in the orphanage and

Thailand Update 5/15

The civil war in Myanmar has undergone escalations in recent months with intensified fighting. This has resulted in various humanitarian implications, that even extend to

April/May Training Recap

I am so grateful for all the things I have learned in the past two weeks. So much knowledge and wisdom is passed down in

Ukraine Update 4/19

Part 2We pleaded with them for a long time to leave and they almost agreed to be evacuated, but the son decided he would stay

Ukraine Update 4/18

Part 1The skies were clear as we headed East, and as we neared our destination, we could see Russian jets dropping their bombs along the

Ukraine Update 4/17

Over the past two to three months, the situation in Ukraine has declined progressively, especially with the fall of the city Avdiivka, and multiple towns

A Story of God’s Protection

A story of Gods Protection.As I was searching for job assignments for our work crews, I came across a couple parked near what appeared to

Wrapping up the Ohio Response!

In the week that PCCR was in Ohio we had 51 volunteers help us complete 13 jobs. The amount of progress that was made in

New Staff Introductions! Part 2

Meet Arthur Jones!I never thought I would end up in the humanitarian crisis response field… or at least for this long. My post-university plans and

New Staff Introductions! Part 1

Ever since Kendall Nolt stepped down from the International Director Position, we’ve been praying and searching for someone or a team to fill the role.

Ohio Tornado Update

On March 14th a tornado hit the town of Indian Lake OH. On Friday I was called out to go check up on the damage.

Texas Wildfires

Last week, a wildfire started in Texas and burned over 1 million acres. While we haven’t responded to wildfires much, with something of this scale

Ukraine (Update From Chaplain Leonid)

“Tangerine of gratitude”Often, when we visit people in the East, we bring humanitarian aid, and in return we receive their grateful hearts.They really have a

Oct – Nov Training Dates are out!

We are excited to announce that the dates for the next Level 1 Training have been finalized: October 27th – November 7th 2024.Come and join

Haiti Prison & Rehabilitation

In the past three months, Haiti Prison and Rehabilitation has been facing the odds of providing food and holding church services in several prisons of

US Response: Tool Trailer Innovation

The past two months I’ve been making improvements to the tool trailer like adding shelves and organizing the tools to minimize chaos in the field,

Trainee Perspective

Merv King has an incredible ability to guide us through processing our past, our hurts, our values, and our deepest heart cries. I’ve rarely been

Haiti Project Statistics

The work in Haiti lasted for a total of thirteen months. Since the beginning of this year, 53,820 meals were provided for inmates in Haitian

US Response Statistics

This year has been busy. In April, we responded to Rolling Fork, Mississippi to cleanup after an EF4 tornado largely flattened much of the town.

Ukraine Project Statistics

Ukraine Project Statistics From the beginning of 2023, our teams evacuated 29 people from desperate situations in war zones, including multiple medical evacuations. 364,600 pounds

Morocco Project Statistics

Morocco Project Statistics The shelter project in Morocco lasted just over 3 months. In that time we were able to build 569 shelters which provided

Ukraine Update 1/15

Help Launch a Church in Ukraine.”Over the past eighteen months, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Pastor Leonid in Ukraine, a dedicated individual

Ukraine Update 12/21

[Update from our chaplain Leonid]Our team of volunteers continues to serve people in places affected by Russian aggression. This time we visited the city of

Closing the Morocco Project

As our last team leaves Morocco, we handed the project over to the locals, who will continue building shelters on a smaller scale for about

Update From Morocco 12/15

It’s amazing to see all of the good that can come from a major disaster like this earthquake. Many people have been strengthened in their

Tennessee Tornado 12/13

On Tuesday, we had 23+ volunteers come to us for work. Half of them were from the army and had been given leave by their

Tennesee Tornado 12/11

Two tornadoes touched down in Tennessee on Saturday, one of which hit parts of Hendersonville and stayed on the ground for a 43 mile stretch,

Morocco Update 12/08

As I leave Morocco, I’m leaving a piece of my heart behind. But instead, it’s been replaced with a lifetime of memories. Spending countless hours

Time to get Your Calendars out!

Time to get the calendars out!In June 2024, Merv King and his family will get on the road to do presentations in several churches who

Update on the Shelter Project 11/25

Helping with the shelter project in Morocco has been an extraordinary learning experience, with volunteers from multiple cultures and languages working together to support the

Update From Morocco 11/16

During the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to assist with building shelters. I have enjoyed meeting and working with people from quite

Presentations from Haiti!

For everyone who has been following along with the work in Haiti: The director of the work in Haiti, Andy Faller, will be traveling to

Morocco Update 11/02

The recent weeks have been quite busy. Last week, we built a total of 64 shelters in two different villages. In the one village, I

Update From Haiti 11/01

In October of 2022, PCCR responded to the crisis in Haiti, and out of the food distributions and the work in prisons emerged a need

Update From Morocco 10/27

In the rugged Atlas Mountains, where communities have faced the harsh aftermath of an earthquake, we have been able to provide warmth, safety and hope

Reflections of the Chairman

I had the opportunity to take a short trip to Haiti and see some of the work we are doing there. We visited one of

Morocco Update 10/25

Did you know…The country of Morocco has 31 different ethnic people groups. Twenty-seven of them are considered unreached people groups, according to the Joshua Project.

Haiti Update 10/20

It has been five weeks now since the border to the Dominican Republic has been closed, cutting off all import and export. Simple foods like

Ukraine Update 10/18

Since the beginning of the project in Ukraine, we’ve been assessing the crisis to ensure that the resources go where they are needed and don’t

Meet Our New U.S. Response Director!

Our staff team is growing!  Meet Trevor Kilmer, our new US Response Director. “I grew up in Missouri but currently live in Pennsylvania. I have

Update from Ukraine 10/12

A mother and her daughter, living in a small town too close to danger. They spend most of their time together in a deep dark

Testimony From Florida

We’ve never had a direct hit from a hurricane like this in our history. We have experienced outer bands and storms from hurricanes and we

Update From Morocco 10/10

Would you help us build shelters in Morocco to prepare for winter? We are partnering with an another organization to build 1000 shelters for the families

Update From Haiti 10/05

As with any crisis response work, the needs evolve and the work changes. While Haiti is still in a crisis and is still experiencing a

Update From Ukraine 10/03

The work in Ukraine began in February ’22 and here are the current statistics:2,264,600 pounds of aid have been delivered both to frontline communities and

Update From Haiti 9/28

We are now working in over four prisons in Haiti.We just can’t believe the doors that God has opened. One thing that we’ve noted is

Update From Morocco 9/27

As I reflect on the past few weeks of being in Morocco, I’m blown away by the God we serve. There have been so many

Update From Morocco 9/21

It’s been twelve days since the earthquake in Morocco, and it has been amazing to see how the locals have rallied to help each other

Ukraine Update 9/15

God with usThis is something I know to be true. I knew it before Ukraine, that God establishes our steps in life, and how he

Morocco Earthquake 9/14

On Friday night a 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook the Atlas mountains in Morocco causing much death and destruction, with almost 3,000 already confirmed dead.Over the

Florida Hurricane 9/13

Literally everything was great! Initially, I was asked to help with housekeeping and cooking, but I was hoping that I’d get a chance to help

Fall Awareness Event!

 The Mel Stoltzfus Family band will be live at the event on Friday night!Come out for an evening of great food, great music and fellowship.

Haiti Update 9/08

This week we had the amazing opportunity to share the word of God with over 700 inmates. We went deep into the prison and shared

Ukraine Update 9/07

Through the pizza project, we’ve had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to the military. Many of the soldiers have lost hope and, being in

Florida Hurricane 9/05

As I was sitting in the skidsteer, my phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket, saw that it was a Florida number and

Florida Hurricane 9/02

The need in Florida is huge. There are very few volunteers in the area which leaves more opportunity for contractors to take advantage of people.

Florida Hurricane 8/31

Volunteers needed!We’re currently stationed in the town of Perry, Florida. Assessing the situation in the area is difficult because of the scale of the disaster.

Florida Hurricane Response 8/30

US DISASTER RESPONSE[Florida Hurricane]Last night we deployed the RV and trailer to Florida and they will be reaching their destination shortly.This morning a little before

Update From Ukraine 8/23

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a mandatory evacuation order for settlements on the eastern bank of Kupiansk due to escalating Russian

Question & Answer

Q: Why should I take the training?A: There are lots of people who can and want to volunteer and yet aren’t allowed to work with

Update From Haiti 8/17

Our work in Haiti has shifted to mainly focus on the prisons. We are currently working in three prisons, and plan to visit a fourth

Update From Ukraine 8/16

This past week we returned to Kherson to assess the current needs and provide assistance where needed.I was blessed as we provided aid to IDPs

Question & Answer

Q: Can I volunteer with PCCR without taking the training?A: When we respond to a disaster that happens within the US, we will often open

Update From Ukraine 8/09

Our team had all been away from Ukraine for a few weeks, and just last Wednesday, we all got back and reunited again. I wasn’t

Vermont Flood Response 8/04

US DISASTER RESPONSE[Barre Vermont Flooding]The last few days in Vermont have been highly rewarding! We’ve put in long days of hard work, and we are

Update From Haiti 8/03

While I was in Haiti to visit the project, I sat in a meeting with a few of the Haitians who help manage the work

Ukraine Update 8/02

The Kherson region has been devastated by the dam break and flood. At one of our distributions, we walked around to check on the damaged

The Latest Newsletter is Out!

A PEEK INTO THE NEWSLETTERIn the last quarter, we have focused a lot of time on internal development, as well as developing the training. Amidst

Signup is Open for the Next Training!

SIGNUP IS OPEN FOR THE NEXT TRAINING!For all of you who like planning months ahead, here’s your chance to sign up early. We have limited

Haiti Update 7/27

In the Prison service we lead songs and preached on the consequences of sin using the story of Achan as a example. Afterwards, we had

Ukraine Update 7/26

The pizza projects for soldiers and military hospitals with our chaplain are one of my favorite projects in Ukraine. A few weeks ago, we had

Vermont Flood Response 7/25

US DISASTER RESPONSE[Barre Vermont Flooding]I would say that floods are probably one of the worst types of disasters to clean up. The water rises quickly,

First Response Training

Last week, we completed another First Response Training consisting of two guys and three girls. One of the guys will be going to Vermont this

Vermont Flood Response 7/21

US Disaster Response[Barre Vermont Flooding]The streets are muddy, the air is filled with the smell of wet things, damp, moldy, slimy and utterly depressing. The

Staff Introductions: ( The Beilers)

Mervin was one of the first guys to take the First Response Training back in August of 2022 and has been with us ever since.

Vermont Flood Response 7/16

[Vermont Flooding]Approximately 500 buildings in Montpelier have been damaged, and many of these are small businesses. Fortunately for the people of Montpelier, they have been

Update From Haiti 7/13

In the last 2 weeks, I was in Haiti for nine days.It was an incredibly eye-opening experience for me, a key point that really stood

Update From Ukraine 7/12

Direct distributions, which we usually hold in frontline towns and villages, continue to be our main outreach to the Ukrainian people. Going into these places

Staff Introductions: ( The Kings)

Merv King is the CEO of Plain Compassion Crisis Response and does an amazing job of leading out and creating the culture we have in

Ukraine Update 7/07

On the very first boat trip in Kherson, a few of our team evacuated an elderly woman who had recently suffered from a stroke, along

Haiti Update 7/06

Haitians definitely don’t have it easy. It can be discouraging to think that even though we helped a few hundred people, there are still thousands

Staff Introductions: (Dorcas Kauffman)

Meet Dorcas Kauffman, our Marketing Director! When she joined our team back in August of 2022, she had volunteered as a photographer in Ukraine for

Update From Ukraine 6/29

Part 2Within an hour or so, God provided us with two boats through an unexpected encounter with my cousin, who was also volunteering in the

Update From Ukraine 6/28

Part 1It all unfolded in a blur of urgency and compassion. As our team arrived in the flooded city of Kherson, the water levels were

Staff Introductions: (Emma Yoder)

As the latest addition to our team, Emma Yoder joined us when we badly needed help with data entry.After the work in Ukraine began, we

Sign Up For The Training!

Training with PCCR was an amazing opportunity! It challenged me both spiritually and mentally. I learned a lot of new tools to use when responding

Update From Haiti 6/23

Over past two weeks we have been able to bless a lot of people who were affected by the flood. This flood was a crisis

Staff Introductions: (Thea Gorber)

Introducing Staff introductions Meet Thea Gorber from Lobleville Tennessee. She serves as our administrative assistant. She has served in this role since July 2021. Her

Update From Haiti 6/15

As I drove through Legoane just after the flood, I was blessed with how the community was rising up and helping one another. There are

Update From Ukraine 6/14

During the early hours of the morning of June 6th, Russian forces blew up the Kakhovka dam creating a humanitarian aid disaster in the city

Haiti Update 6/10

The situation in the prisons is dire. There are about 700 prisoners altogether, with 60 to 70 people crammed into 15’ x 15’ rooms. Most

Ukraine Update 6/07

Over the past few days, our team had the opportunity to participate in tactical training. The training was taught by a professor from Lviv. Even

Staff Offsite 6/01

This past weekend, we held our first ever staff offsite. Our vision for this offsite was to get to know each other better and to

Haiti Update 5/23

“We just want to live”These are the words you hear from the Haitians: people who have learned to live in a country where insecurity reigns

Ukraine Update 5/20

The full scale war has been going for 449 days now, and every day and night countless defenders stand guard for the peace and sovereignty

Haiti Update 5/18

This week has been particularly difficult for the prisons. We’ve not been able to access the food that we were normally able to get due

Ukraine Update 5/17

In 18 work hours, two “shifts” have never been so hard to describe. Three men shared how, a fewhours ago, they were a team of

Update from Ukraine 5/13

A smile and a parcel of food, some hygiene kits and a whole lot of compassion is good, and it’s what I believe God has

Update From Haiti 5/11

What if we never helped?This is a question that comes to mind when people ask me why I am doing this.In a time when everyone

Update From Haiti 05/09

“Thank you for thinking about us! Thank you, thank you so much! We will have rice tonight for the first time in a long time…” “…make

Ukraine Update 05/05

This past week has been quite different as we’ve transitioned away from mostly running food distribution to doing more medical evacuations. Change is never easy,

Haiti Update 05/04

On Tuesday, one of the young men came to us after our prison church service and told us that ever since we started holding the

Haiti Update 04/27

When we first started working in Haiti, we had no idea where it would lead to. People went hungry, prisoners were starving and children were

Ukraine Update 04/26

We drove over three hours today. About halfway to our destination, it started to snow. There was something calming about the trip this time, the

Haiti Update 04/25

Recently we ran into a man in town who was release from prison not too long ago. He was very excited to share how his

Ukraine Update 04/21

Having been asked to share a few words, I’m struggling hardcore to find the right words. What would be most important to tell? What is

Haiti Update 04/20

“We can’t thank God enough for sending you to help! We look forward to the meal you bring each week.”“The highlight of the week is

Ukraine Update 04/19

“Thank you so much for coming and bringing aid! You have no idea how happy we are to see you. No one has been able

Update From Haiti 04/18

In the past several weeks we have seen some of the local churches step up and do what they can to help the inmates in

Update From Mississippi/Arkansas 04/14

This week, we wrapped up our tornado cleanup responses both in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, and Little Rock, Arkansas.Our volunteers spent around 2000 hours working alongside

Update From Ukraine 04/12

Our work in Ukraine has taken an interesting turn. We are transitioning from moving food to assisting with medical work.The medical system in eastern Ukraine

Update From Mississippi 04/11

The grief and loss of all the devastation in Rolling Fork, Mississippi gripped my heart.I observed what a beautiful town it had been and to

Update From Haiti 04/07

I recently had a conversation with the mayor in an area where we have done food distributions before. He told me: “Thank you, thank you,

Update From Mississippi 04/04

One lady and her daughter were at a prom night and by the time they got the warning, the tornado had already passed through. One

Arkansas Tornado Update 04/01

Little Rock, AR had a tornado that went right through the city, leaving significant damage in its tracks. The National Weather Service Assessments are estimating

Mississippi Response Update 03/31

One of the jobs that we were working on yesterday and today was a home where the tornado had picked up a semi truck from

Haiti Update 3/30

Most of the areas in Haiti are experiencing a drought. Many people need to walk a great distance to find a spring or well that

Ukraine Update 3/28

It’s been two weeks since I left Ukraine. And I miss it so much.I miss the smiles of welcome as we entered a village.I miss

Mississippi Tornado Response 3/27

During our initial assessment, we found that the tornado had done extensive damage in the town of Rolling Fork. The town has about 1750 residents

Haiti Update 3/24

Oftentimes, it’s really hard to know when to say yes or no to the requests for help. In the zones that we work in and

Ukraine Update 3/23

It has been an interesting 6 weeks since the death of Pete Reed. I had been working closely with him, and when he was killed,

Haiti Update 3/24

One of my highlights is being able to share the love of Jesus with the people we help. We’re not only showing them the love

Ukraine Update 3/18

I remember a trip when three of us went to Lysychansk last summer. Some soldiers were accompanying us and they were very hesitant to move

Haiti Update 3/16

Part 2 – From Our International field directer:At one point, we went to the island where we are working. This is also a poverty-stricken part

Update From Ukraine 3/15

With the warmer temperatures coming, the stove project got wrapped up and food distributions are starting again, but on a smaller scale than previously. We

Update from Haiti 3/14

 Part 1 – From Our International field directer:A single gunshot breaks the silence as we are sitting on Andy’s front porch, waiting on the hygiene

Update From Ukraine 3/10

In the recent weeks, there has been a steady supply of humanitarian aid readily available in Ukraine. In one of the towns, the major explicitly

Update From Haiti 3/09

The hygiene kits for the prisons arrived!It was challenging to get them shipped from Port-au-Prince too to the south, where the prisons are. The original

Update From Ukraine 3/08

I remember one instance, when we were on our way from Zaporizhzhia. I got a call from one of our contacts, asking for an evacuation.“I’m

Haiti Update 3/07

One big problem this week was that we were running out of diesel to be able to do distributions. It has been weeks since we

Ukraine Update 3/03

Several months ago, we had delivered firewood and wood stoves to villages on the front line. This week we returned to do several distributions and

Ukraine Update 3/01

A lot of testimonies come from the front lines. The place where you get so used to the sound of mortars blasting, it becomes a

Haiti Update 2/28

Today during our prison service, we had a time of prayer where many of the prisoners were on their knees crying and praying. Many times,

Providing Bibles For The Haitians

This story happened last Tuesday at the church service in prison. One of the inmates was asked to pray with the group and in her

Ukraine Update 2/22

” Good evening. I am crying.. May God bless you and your family. My thanks is to God who doesn’t forsake me, and who sent

Haiti Update 2/21

Haiti We had gotten reports from a community in the mountains that was in great need and today, we were able to bring food in.

Developing An Evacuation Network

Ukraine Over the last two weeks, we have shifted directions from the WARM project to bringing food to churches and organizations. One of the latest

First Response Training Graduates!

We just finished the First Response Training, with all the trainees graduating on Thursday. It was amazing to see this group pull together, develop leadership

Turkey Assessment

Turkey/Syria Today was a storm of events, working to establish contacts in a new country. We met with one government organization in a town in

Update From Ukraine 2/9

Ukraine The last three weeks, Pete and I had spent hours and days together. We were working on setting up the evacuation network and during

Haiti Update 2/7

Haiti Imagine that you only make the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour (a total of $58.00/day), but one gallon of fuel costs $145.00. Or

Pray for the PCCR & GoDocs Teams

Many times our work here in Ukraine is carried out with the help of other organizations. The past few weeks, we started working with an

Ukraine Update 2/3

Ukraine Several weeks ago, while we were delivering wood stoves to a front line village, there were several Ukrainian mortar teams firing away at the Russian

Sharing Hope with the Haitians

Haiti For me, it’s an opportunity to be a part of the work with Plain Compassion. In the mountains, where we have done food distributions,

1/25 Ukraine Update

I am very sincerely grateful for what you are doing for our residents in the city of Avdiivka. You did not stay away from the

1/20 Ukraine Update

Ukraine In the last three months, our work has shifted from transporting and distributing food to Ukrainian churches and organizations to distributing firewood and wood

Haiti Update 1/20

Haiti The work in Haiti is more complicated than some other parts of the world. We are not being bombed by Russia or any other

1/18 Haiti Update

Haiti It’s a privilege to be a part of the work in Haiti. As I think over just the events of the last week, I

1/18 Ukraine Update

Ukraine This week, I was helping the WARM Project, which consisted of delivering wood stoves and firewood into front-line villages. Many of our recipients don’t

Love And Gratitude from Ukraine

Ukraine Come again, we’re always glad to see you and love serving with you! Thank God for you! With love from Nikopol!Merry Christmas and Happy

Thank You Ebling’s!

Thank you Ebling’s Service Plus, for your support in our U.S. Response program!Because of your contributions, we are much closer to having the First Response

WARM Project Update

Ukraine The WARM project has been an enjoyable part of the work here. It feels good to see people set the stoves up and once

Work in the Prisons

Haiti A huge part of our work is in the prisons. The prisoners tell us over and over again how thankful they are for the

Unrest in Haiti

Haiti The situation in Haiti remains difficult as gangs continue to control all the main roads in and out of the capital. Kidnapping rates remain

Trip to the Front Lines

Ukraine The photo of this sunset is a special photo. It was taken 6 weeks ago on a delivery we did.Several hours before this photo,

King Family Update

“Thus far the LORD has helped us.”This verse comes to my mind when I think over the past year and how God brought us thru

Update From Daniel Beilers

This year has been an interesting year for our family. January found us in Kentucky running the PCCR tornado response. We were directing teams of

Beiler Family update

Our year with PCCR was an incredible experience, full of growth opportunities.Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assume the US Response Director responsibilities.

Update From the Nolts

My journey with PCCR started in August of 2021, when Daniel Beiler asked me to join a response team to do medical evacuations after the

12/22 Haiti Update

This week has been particularly busy. On Tuesday, we distributed 1700 pounds of rice and 500 pounds of beans to 140 families in a rural

Thank you from all of us!

Thank you so much for supporting our ministry with food to distribute!~Yura, pastor of three churches in Kramatorsk.Thank you so much for your hard work

God’s Love in Prison

Today, I had a chance to have a long talk with one of the prisoners. He has been there for a long time and knows

God’s Protection

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one month since I left for Ukraine. Time sure flies when you’re having fun.If I had to

12/15 Food distribution

From the high levels of insecurity, protest, lack of fuel and high food prices: Food distributions come with many difficulties. Sometimes, we have to visit

Work in Ukraine

Ukraine Things are at an interesting place for us here in Ukraine. The longer we are here, the more contacts and relationships we are establishing.

Food Distribution

Haiti There are so many Thank You stories of grateful people, but here’s one that needs to be shared:During a food distribution, a mother of

Stove Project Update

Ukraine For the last three weeks, we’ve had five people working on the wood stove project. We are working with community leaders to find the

Fundraising for Haiti

Haiti Most Haitian prisons don’t provide food for the inmates, it’s the responsibility of the families to bring them food. When food became scarce and

Thank You Note From Ukraine

Thank you so much for the food and everything you bring!! I sincerely wish you great happiness, peace and goodness for your sensitivity, for your

Haiti Update

While Haiti continues to suffer from gang violence, we are delivering food to several different regions that are within our reach, with each zone targeting


The past three days have been an exciting experience. We had the opportunity to distribute food to people who have received very limited aid up

Report From the Newly Liberated Areas

The past two days have been intense and fulfilling. We left our base at 5 am yesterday and started what we thought would be a

Bringing Hope Into the Darkness in Haiti

Distribution is going well despite all the challenges we face with the insecurity here in Haiti and expensive hard to find diesel fuel. On Sunday,

Haiti Food Distribution

We did a food distribution in the mountains yesterday. Some of the local people are starting to contribute to the prison outreach. It’s amazing to

Hygiene Kits for Haiti

Lakeland Mennonite Church in New York has been busy making hygiene and clothing kits for the prisoners in Haiti. These kits are going to the

From one of the Shelters in Ukraine

~ ‘Good morning, in an hour we will bring you 1.5 tons of food.’ Our morning began with these words. An hour later Plain Compassion Crisis

Sharing the Burden

Over the past few days, we had meetings with the people who are involved in the food distribution. They want to help and not just

A Wedding in the Midst of War

Early one morning a team of 6 and 260 food parcels packed in 2 vans, headed out again to the Eastern frontlines of Donetsk to

Haiti Testimony

While I was out getting supplies for the Jacmel Prison the lady selling the charcoal we bought asked what we are doing with it we

Would you Help us Help Haiti?

As many of you know, Haiti is in a severe crisis. Gang violence and protests continue to hamper or block food and water deliveries, and

Food distributions in Haiti

Today, we’re doing a food distribution to help the people in a remote area in the mountains above Petit Goave. They are struggling to survive

Why are we Feeding Prisoners?

The situation in the Haiti prisons has always been bad. About a year ago, the judicial system of Haiti collapsed. As a result, many prisoners

Ukraine Testimony

Recently we did a distribution in a town that is being torn apart by bombs.In the small crowd of people, a lady started crying as

Haiti Update

We are supporting several Haitian churches that are actually doing the work. They are very grateful to be able to reach the most vulnerable in

Volunteer Perspective

On Tuesday we took another trip to the liberated territory in the Kharkiv region. Taking 300 food parcels in two vans, we went to some villages


Colombia Project Update

In 2019, we started working with the Venezuelan refugees in Colombia. Since then we have been assisting these Venezuelans and the most needy Colombians by

Testimony from Ukraine

“Today I got your box of food. Everything is so vital for those who spend time by their stoves. There so many words! It is

Hurricane Ian

Response update:  During our initial response to this disaster, we partnered with another organization. Our assignment was to be available to respond to rescue requests. Our

Bringing Hope into Desperate Places

Destruction.So much destruction.Broken dreams.Broken families.Broken hearts. So much brokenness, both physically and emotionally.Nearly everywhere you look when we go east to the frontlines you see destruction

Boots on the Ground for Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday afternoon as a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of approximately 150 mph. It did a lot of damage

Slideshow of the Work in Ukraine

One of our volunteers put together a small slideshow reel of our first aid run into Izium, in the recently liberated Kharkiv region. donate here

Thank you Note From Ukraine

We received a Thank you note from a partnering church and want to pass it on to you. Good day,Thank you very much for such a

Update From Ukraine

During this last week, Ukraine has retaken large amounts of territory from the Russians, and today we took three vehicles and five tons of food